26 October 2010

wilmas in Cinema: inception

Christopher Nolan's acclaimed, much criticized but definitely talked about past summer anticipated hit Inception was the dream within a dream movie that gave us everything from action and chase while giving its audience a headache towards the end. This work of creative cinema covered many tasking ideas hidden in an entertaining heist film, however this movie was not just a visual delight to myself and others but happened to come closer to my heart. It filmed in my home town.
In one of the films memorable scenes of falling slow motion vans off a bridge it just so happens to take place in Wilmington, California close to the shipping docks on terminal island. The film makes no mention of its car chase location except that it is happening within the confides of the mind. To the native of Wilmas the chase route, and bridge, are easily identifiable and has appeared in other movies, one i have written about James Cameron's Terminator 2: judgement day. Once again without no credit except for being mentioned as the city of Los Angeles wilmas has lent its geography to another summer blockbuster.

14 May 2010

What to watch, what to watch: summer movies 2010

Well the time has come again when Hollywood studios ask us to hand over our hard earned cash to feed our escapist nature with a multitude of movie options for the summer of 2010. For myself it seems that every coming summer there are more so called must see blockbuster choices that kick off an early start to the season. I could remember the days of the late 80's early 90's when there were at most 3 to 4 big budget movies that the masses would rush to cinema houses to catch. These days it feels that there is a big movie every week or mid week beginning as premature as April, each new film attempting to get the fast money before the bigger movies are released.
I'm not exactly sure if it was last or the year before but i remember wanting to see many of the movies of that summer period. However, there were just too many new productions to keep up on with some movies even going head to head with another on the same launch weekend. Unless you are an individual with no job or just have a lot of time to dedicate or kill there is only so many hours one can give to the plethora of films that endlessly come out. For myself this does not include the hours i must commit to the list of past movies i must watch and this list is very long.
As i have stated before in another post time is very precious and there is just too much crap being readily available disguised or advertised as good cinema. If a good deal of money was used in the development of a project it should be guaranteed that the film should be of superior quality but obviously this is not the case. Often times studios spend on eye dazzling effects completely overlooking simple things such as story, character development, etc. for the definition of a blockbuster. I am guilty and bought into some of the trailers and gave some picture a shot only to get disappointed with lousy narrative with predictable results.
Filtering through the mass of moving picture entertainment has become the name of the game. Now i really don't watch anything without reading numerous reviews to evaluate if something merits my time cause i don't have all the time in the world. I do understand that reviews are not all worth there weight in gold but there must be a way to help filter out the movie nonsense cloaked as something of substance. Taste of entertainment is all in perspective, i overheard some individuals chatting on how great Clash of the Titans was and myself thinking how disappointed i felt the minute i left the theatre. Nonetheless this is the debate, what to watch? What do i give my time to and what do i allow myself to enjoy? What movie am i willing to wait in line for?
I am not exactly sure i have the answer but it is all a gamble when we as the audience cannot get our 2 hours back when done and dissatisfied. Maybe if we force the theatre and studio system to enforce a refund structure where if we as the patron are not entirely happy we can get our money back. This could be a way to encourage quality to come out of the Hollywood animal and ease our millions of hours of lost time from crappy movies... its just an idea.

11 May 2010

What will I do without LOST?!

With only a few episodes left to the show which has entertained, surprised, moved, frustrated and addicted me what am i going to do without LOST? The series that has cleverly placed itself as a drama but being clearly a science fiction nerd fest of entertainment has demanded my attention since its beginning in 2004. The critically acclaimed show has robbed me of hours of my life on a long and riveting journey of on and off island castaways often times desiring repeat Internet viewings as to make sure i didn't miss any details. The drama has helped inspire lengthy conversations and strange theories amongst friends, even creating new friends with the topic starter of LOST. However, as all goods things must come to an end, how am i going to survive in a post LOST world?
Now i'm not saying there is not other good television out in the world and there is, but i'm not an individual who gets addicted to just anything. Furthermore, time is precious and the idiot box can command and steal time very easily especially in the escapist society one lives in. Also an intelligent scifi series is hard to come by substantially something as widely accepted as LOST so there is no fear of cancellation. There has been some programs that i have been meaning to give a shot and have read good things about, such as Fringe and Flash forward but will they truly fill the void that LOST will leave.
One of my favorite pass times was introducing individuals to LOST. Asking them to only watch the two episode pilot and having them want more, i have addicted a good deal in this fashion. Many have known not to interrupt me while i was watching and concentrating while viewing LOST, you never knew what you might miss if you turned or even blinked. The show is a great mystery and unlike some i know that would rather have the answers handed to them because they are too frustrated, i love piecing it all together. Moreover, i can say in openness, i don't really want the producers and writers to answer everything or attempt to. There is just a longevity to the open case mystery where one has to come to their own conclusions.
All i can say in true honesty is LOST could be forgotten the next day by most as they try and find the next thing to capture their attention LOST will definitely be missed by some. So here is to you (a glass raised) to all you island hopping Darma loving team Jack versus team Locke everybody loves Hurly groupies, we always have the DVDs to relieve the fond memories.

28 April 2010

New images on lovemarks (lovebruise) April

Well it seems that the Lovemarks project has not been forgotten. Check out some of the new images for April at lovebruise.blogspot.com

14 April 2010

the Zombie, running out of ideas?

The zombie by no means a modern creation of cinema. it has existed in early films, literature, even certain religions for some time. The original popular appearance of the zombie was in Romero's "Night of the Living Dead" in 1968 but the term "Zombie" was produced in later movies for a creature which didn't have a definitive name. The zombie is gaining momentum in popular culture rivaling the continuing fascination of vampires however what makes and continues to terrify about the idea of the zombie is its possibility. The connection to the reanimated undead through disease, biological or chemical influences is a horrifying reality of a unrelenting monster who just wants to eat our brains.
I recently watched the 2009 movie of "Autumn", sorry to say not a very good movie, and as so many recent cinema incarnations the populace by unexplained disease was transformed into flesh eating zombies. Way before the ending credits appeared the wheels in my head turned and questions formed: have the created forces behind movies run out of origin ideas for the zombie? or is the creation of the walking dead through disease an easy explanation?
I went through my memories of films and did notice that either the creation wasn't explained or a virus was to blame. What happened to all the creativity which could inspire such thoughts of an apocalyptic catastrophe? As i have mentioned certain religions believe in the creation of a zombie, such as voodooism, used as a servants. The 1984 movie "night of the comet" introduced an interesting concept of a comet which passed too close to the earth turning the majority who did not die into zombies. In 1988 Craven attempted to reintroduce zombies back to their voodoo roots with "the serpent and the rainbow". Another 80's movie, which title escapes me, had a small town zombified by alien slugs similar to 2006's notion in "slither".
There are so many unexplored creations for a mindless violent undead character which doesn't seem to be leaving our movies houses anytime soon. if writers and directors have decided and made them faster, smarter, even more motivated can't we give them a unique birth into the world of horror cinema once in a while?

08 February 2010

Should Avatar win the best picture oscar?

Now the buzz that is surrounding the now all time grossing golden globe winning multi Oscar nominee film epic Avatar does not seem to be going away anytime soon, especially with the recent Oscar nods it probably won't stop making money either. Let us not forget all the hype that will surround its future DVD release, needless to say if you are one of the individuals who didn't enjoy the movie or are tired of all the exposure i do not envy you. I for one highly enjoyed the picture and would like to see it again on the big screen before it fades away to a more portable format.
There are many movies where i would promote the viewing of the cinema format and this is definitely one of them, maybe even spending the few dollars more to see it in 3D but no matter how much i believe this show is the reason we should go to the movies i was happily surprised by its Oscar acknowledgements. Substantially its nod for best picture, this nomination began to trouble me. Sure the movie is visual eye candy, a monumental undertaking of cinematic technology that takes you on a journey but is it best picture worth? Is the movie emotional? Yes to some, i know individuals who have cried. Is this picture entertaining? I would say definitely but does it have a complex story worth of Oscar gold, that for me and some i have conversed with is questionable.
If we would say that a film should transport you to a magical place beyond your imagination and dazzle you with childlike wonderment than this movie delivers in spades. However, shouldn't it also have a complex story to deliver a hold onto you after you leave the theatre, multi levels of story which make you rethink every time you view it again. I'm not so sure this is that movie. James Cameron is a master at his craft and is great at providing little details that can be overlooked on first viewing nonetheless this story is more on level with the classic animations of Disney and that is a compliment.
There has been a history of highly entertaining action filled movies which were more than just action that have been overlooked by Oscar, for example Christopher Nolan's the Dark Knight. Here is a film that achieved a complex web of layered ideas and storytelling, and supplied some great entertainment that was completely overlooked by the Academy. Another would be the Wachowski brother's (or is it brother and sister now) the Matrix, a movie which changed all cinema after it with it's style, action, effects, storytelling, etc. that united a metaphysical ideology which was the most philosophically written about film of its time. If we want to mention films of monumental undertakings then what about Peter Jackson's the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. All three movies were nominated and won in multiple categories with only the final installment of the trilogy winning for best picture. However can it be said that the third installment was more worthy of its winning than the other two? All three carefully and cleverly crafted in their execution but with so many recognitions did the other parts of the trilogy deserve any less.
Well after my humble opinion or rant it not up to me but the Academy of Motion Pictures who will ultimately decide who is worthy of the best picture award but i just reiterate my question to the viewing public: should Avatar win the best picture Oscar?

06 February 2010

Is the cel phone going to be the downfall of our society?

Since the 90's the cellular telephone or mobile phone has gain in momentum among the populace so much that there are more mobile phone lines in existence than land operated phone lines. Advances in technology, making them extremely small for advance portability, and lowering operating costs has made this an unstoppable monster that will continue to exist in the hands of the public far into the future; but as my title suggests "is the cel phone going to be the downfall of our society?" or will it destroy manners and proper conduct?
Let me start off by admitting that mobile phones are a modern marvel of ease. Being able to make a call from almost anywhere at any time is magic in a very small box. The proficiency of communication with someone thru text or the power of summoning a movie schedule from thin air is liberating but is it a trade off for the loss of public practices?
The problems in the manner individuals handle or operate cel phones is the modern nuance when one forgets they are in public. It began with the raised voice, thou technology has proceeded in steps forward the mini speaker tech has fluctuated. One spoke louder because they could not hear the speaker therefore overcompensating with verbal volume when they are being received just fine. This phenomenon has extended over the years where some people just converse loud on there phones with no acknowledgement for individuals around them. As if the phone to the ear created a bubble where your conversation becomes private and no one can hear you.
The level of rudeness of answering a phone while in a public movie theatre has gone down throughout the years thanks to the beginning announcements before the main feature but people do not realize that even looking at your phone while in the dark creates a blinding beacon of light which begs for attention from corner of every one's eye. Where the degree of rudeness has increased is the interrupting of a live conversation to answer your phone, maybe this has now become common practice but i still believe it to be rude. I however cannot dismiss the texting during a live conversation where the texting individual swears they can multi task and hold the interaction with very little acknowledgement. Let us not forget the favorite talking on the phone while driving. During the late 80's and early 90's this was considered a status symbol and/or cool but has been studied to be dangerous while operating a vehicle. Thou in many states it has been outlawed to talk and drive without an assisting hands free device it still continues and with the even more dangerous texting while driving.
The list of offenses by cel phone users goes on and on but the one i have witnessed which should be considered a felony is the answering and talking of the phone while in a public restroom. This convention baffles me especially when the individual holds a conversation while sitting on the throne in the neighboring stall. So i pose again the question to the ever growing mass form of communication: are these phones going to be the downfall of our society?

02 January 2010

New Years EVE! Tijuana 09

Once again new years eve has come too quickly to make the end of the old and the beginning of the new. In the last few hours i found myself at the well attended space of mr. pepper accompanied by the sound of dj alta noche, there was another dj but i didn't know his name. Great times, good conversation, funny situations, and a large supply of drink. Omar congrats on a very fun and successful event.

19 September 2009

Happy International talk like a Pirate Day!

Ahoy mates! Once again it b international talk like a pirate day. It b one of my favorite silly days where all scalliwags can speak funny and have fun, so don't hold back you yellow bellied land lovers. Greet someone with a good "Aarg!".
This day was started by two individuals some years back and has taken momentum where fans across the pond enjoy and celebrate. I love and promote days where someone can speak funny, maybe I should start "talk like a cholo day"? Well maybe not, it was just an idea, then again I speak in that manner every time I go back to work on the waterfront.

19 August 2009

meli's bday: part 2

In my continuing effort to catch up on my blog i present to all part 2 of Meli's birthday shout out. Her sustaining celebration this time took us to Tijuana to a bar that was new to a few of us in downtown, the Mezcalera ( i believe that is the proper name). A small but popular place with Virgin de Guadalupe and other religious iconography covering the walls in a dark and friendly environment, not to mention that the Chela is cheap and we were well attended.
The turn out was great with individuals coming from far and wide. The celebration for some went into the whee hours of the night/morning while other Nenas called it a night. Besides that i truly believe the birthday girl had a blast... Happy Birthday Meli.